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Arts4All has a long-standing 17 year history of artistic excellence and inclusion Davenport West. Many hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds , be they residents, artists, volunteers and partner staff, have participated in large scale, multi-year projects that bring local narratives to life through theatre and art in our neighbourhood's spaces, and beyond. We strive to support our neighbourhood’s audibility and visibility in Toronto’s larger cultural landscape through ensuring access to the arts for the incredible, beautiful and often overlooked people who live here.


The Neighbourhood

Arts4All is very grateful for the privilege and opportunity to be working on the land in Davenport West, and with the people and partners who live here.

Davenport’s characteristic slope is a strong reminder of the past, being the ancient shoreline of Lake Iroquois that then bore Ontario’s oldest footpath,Gete-Onigaming, that connected First Nation travel routes between the Don and Humber Rivers. Pre-colonial habitation of this land is recognized to go as far back as 11,000 years. Presently, our neighbourhood is culturally diverse, with many immigrants residing. Some are established, some more recently arrived. Weston Pelham Park, a recently designated City of Toronto Neighbourhood Improvement Area within Davenport West, is where Arts4All and our partners live meet, work and collaborate.  There are many organizations and community groups working for change in our neighbourhood who we are proud to partner with: the Davenport Perth Neighbourhood and Community Health Centre, Pelham Park Gardens TCH residents and staff, the Davenport Perth Community Ministry and The Stop Community Food Centre, Pelham Going Green, and Bread and Bricks to name a few. We are all presently aware that there is additional pressure and urgency to our activities as Davenport is facing an unpredictable future in face of city wide rapid and significant change. As one of the few remaining un-gentrified Toronto neighbourhoods, we are vulnerable to proposed building developments that threaten to overtake public space and displace low-income residents whose continued presence, agency and security are essential to the healthy social fabric of our community.

the Arts4All players

The Arts4All Players

The Arts4All Players is a dedicated group of adults and seniors who have been gathering regularly since 2001 to explore the performing arts and its related art forms in collaboration with Arts4All’s professional artists. With over 70 associated members, the group has developed many original works, participating in all aspects of creation as writers, designers, technicians and performers.  They have presented over 30 performances of their works in Davenport and across Toronto.  No prior experience with art making or performance is required to take part, and new participants are always welcome!

Want to participate? Join us Mondays 3:00-5:00 pm in the DPNCHC Sanctuary at 1900 Davenport Road. 


As an independent Jumblies Offshoot organization, Arts4All continued to kindle inspired gatherings in Davenport-Perth and across communities in Toronto. Since 2007, Arts4All has produced two large scale productions: We Live Here, a culmination of a three-year community-wide playwriting project on the subject of Cities performed on site at Pelham Park TCHC, and I Was A Brave Child, a multi-media celebration of a community radio drama of the same name based on local Italian and Portuguese Senior’s childhood stories of WWII. I Was A Brave Child involved over 200 community members of all ages in its creation and celebration.

Over the past 16 years, Arts4All has produced a myriad of activities, gatherings and events as part of its many multi year, community engaged projects and collaborations.  These projects have culminated in productions that celebrate the stories and artworks of each project,  performed by community members alongside their professional artist collaborators.

Under Jumblies Theatre, Arts For All produced several productions including More or The Magic Fish (2002), The Land Of Three Doors (2003), Once A Shoreline (2004), Your Name Is Written in the Sky (2005) and a mosaic project with Red Pepper Spectacle (2006).

Arts4All has recently been creating smaller works geared to an Early Years audience, including plays based on local Pelham Park TCH seniors stories, and collaboratively devised fabric picture books with and about the people of Davenport West. In Spring 2015 Arts4All recently produced Where is My Friend? a performance for children in their early years performed by the Arts4All Players based on local stories of first friendship.

Artists and Staff

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