Johnny Spence

Johnny Spence is a musician, composer, radio producer, sound artist, and community arts facilitator residing sometimes in Toronto and mostly in Reality. He strives to move through the world with open-ears and an open-heart.

Johnny’s compositions and performances have been featured on a number of critically acclaimed recordings. He has toured internationally with a number of high profile and independent acts including, Tegan & Sara, Tasseomancy, Casey Mecija, and Diana to name just a few. He produces radio documentaries on his own as well as 1/2 of JustBeCuz, his production company with collaborative-cousin Veronica Simmonds. His radio work has aired on BBC, CBC, ABC, and among the waves of the Bay Of Fundy on Red Clay Radio.

Johnny has had the honour to work with Arts4All, Ahuri Theatre, and Jumblies since 2015. His heart is fuller and life is better as a result of getting to know everyone involved in running and attending these amazing programs.